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Share Your Story

Glorify God by sharing what He's done in your life

Share your faith story

Have you ever wondered why there's so much power in a story? Think of a time you heard someone share part of their story- you felt a connection, you felt inspired, you saw a glimpse of God and His grace, the redemptive work He does in our lives.

  •  Did you know that God wants you to tell your story? 

"I will tell my people what you have done and give you praise." -Psalm 22:22

"This will be your opportunity to tell them about me." Luke 21:13


It may be your next step. Telling your story will bring Him glory, which is exactly why God created you. And it will also encourage and help someone who needs to hear it. Yes it takes faith, and being a little vulnerable, but God blesses it. God always blesses obedience. Fill out the form below and we'll help you take your next step.

Stories of Faith